Danielle has helped me drastically reduce the waste generated in my three person home. With her help, I am now eating cleaner, refusing single-use plastic and making all-around healthier choices. I feel so much better!

-Anita P.

From the first time I worked with Danielle at Higher Vibe Livin I knew there were things she could do that would make life better for me.  As an active 52 year old type 1 diabetic I have searched many years for a lifestyle and diet that would both fit my needs and make me as healthy as possible.  I am of the mindset that I refuse to let a controllable illness affect how I live and how active I am.

I have found the perfect partner in Higher Vibe Livin.  More then anything else, I have been presented 6-months of healthy, plant-based alternatives to what was traditionally a meat-based, high sodium diet.  Through natural foods with a plant-based theme I have experienced noticeable differences that are extremely important to my well-being.  Since working with Danielle, I have experienced the following changes to my overall health:

  1. Lower blood pressure (was beginning to climb into the high range)

  2. Lower cholesterol (lowered my intake of LDL food products)

  3. Improved body fat index (less fat and more muscle)

  4. Improved knowledge on health and wellness

  5. A better outlook on life with a more positive demeanor

I can not recommend Danielle and Higher Vibe Livin strong enough!!  She presents a no-pressure program with great suggestions and a reasonable schedule of achievement.  If you are looking for someone to partner with on better nutrition and overall healthy living, without making major changes to your existing lifestyle, Danielle is your girl!!  No doubt!!

-Jim L.