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Guided transitions to a mindful lifestyle

Low/Zero-waste   -   Plant-based   -   Plastic-free

Our daily choices have a global impact.

The goal of Higher Vibe Livin is to raise our vibration to a higher

consciousness, by helping you adopt healthy habits.

We can help the Earth and ourselves at the same time.



Wanting positive change in your life?
Looking to get healthy while also shifting towards a more sustainable lifestyle?
Need help ditching toxic single-use plastics?

Higher Vibe Livin is here to help you transition to a more mindful lifestyle - in a fun, effective way!

Are we a good match?
My clients are:
+willing to accept a challenge
+looking to improve themselves
+think beyond the basic programming
+want to make the world a better place

If this describes you and you are ready to transform your life, send me a message below to get started! I'll customize a plan that fits your needs to make this transition easily attainable! Start living your best life TODAY!
What are you waiting for? 🙃

Hi, I'm Danielle! 
I would love to assist in your transition to a more mindful lifestyle.

How can I help you?

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